The LEEDIR Eyewitness Platform is Launched With a Simulation Exercise

Thursday April 10, 2014 the LEEDIR eyewitness photo and video platform is now available to law enforcement and relief agencies in the United States for major emergency events. Activation can be requested by simply filling out a form on the LEEDIR website ( to begin receiving and analyzing photo and video submissions from eyewitnesses.

The launch was set in motion with a simulation exercise led by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in which photos and videos were submitted and analyzed over a three hour window (9am-12pm PDT). The purpose of the exercise was to test the system, develop an investigation workflow for a real-life scenario and receive feedback from participants.

LEEDIR (Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository) was developed in response to recent emergency events, like the Boston bombing, when the need for a scalable, end-to-end eyewitness solution became apparent. The development is the result of a public-private sector collaboration, which involved technology platforms CitizenGlobal and Amazon Web Services.

The simulation exercise held at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s headquarters on Thursday provided an opportunity for law enforcement nationwide to test LEEDIR by contributing photos and videos. Twelve LASD investigators from the cyber and major crime units and disaster and recovery response teams used the cloud-based LEEDIR analysis tools to review the submissions and develop an investigation workflow.

Over the 3-hour test window, investigators received and analyzed 263 submissions. The submissions came from all over the nation, demonstrating the immediate need for this service. With 51% of the submissions coming through the LEEDIR website and 49% via the LEEDIR mobile apps, the exercise also showed that public participation from mobile platforms is critical. LASD analysts were successfully able to create an investigation workflow for analyzing the information and also provided valuable feedback for the continued enhancement of the technology. Specific workflow information will be posted on the LEEDIR website soon.

When the LEEDIR exercise launched on April 10, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department immediately activated the platform for a real-life major emergency event to collect photos and videos from a civil unrest in Isla Vista, CA. that resulted in more than 100 arrests. Investigators are using it to identify more suspects and match suspects to specific crimes.

Agencies who participated

Thank you to all law enforcement and relief agencies who participated in the exercise (The following list is ONLY the agencies that identified themselves while submitting a photo or video. Agencies that submitted anonymously are not listed here.)

US Department of Homeland Security

Suffolk County, New York

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

City of Muhlenberg, PA

California State University, Long Beach

Orange County Sheriff's Department

University of California, Irvine

National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

National Private Truck Council

City of Claremont, CA

Azusa Police Department, CA

South Carolina Forestry Commission

Fremont Police Department, CA

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

City of Pasadena, CA

Stephenville Police Department, TX

Lawrence Police Department, KS

Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

El Monte Police Department, CA

San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Glendora Police Department, CA

City of Mountainview, CA

City of Mosman, Australia

City of Burbank, CA

State of Vermont

Alameda County, CA

Huntington Beach Police Department, CA

City of Cumru, PA

Redwood City, CA

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Fairfax County, VA

Minnehaha County, SD

County of Ventura, CA

Jefferson County, AL

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, CA

City of Palm Springs, CA