Request and Collect Photos and Videos

Step 1: Deploy

Embed the CitizenGlobal platform on your website, Facebook page or mobile app to enable your community and members of your agency to upload photos and videos captured on smartphones, business surveillance cameras, dashcams or wearable cameras. We can also deploy and maintain your exclusive eyewitness mobile app (iOS and Android) – designed and branded to suit your needs.

Step 2: Invite Your Community and Agency Members

Invite your community to submit videos and photos of interest to law enforcement. Promote this new capability on your website, social networks, traditional and online media. Educate your agency members on how they can submit content from their smartphones and wearable cameras.

Step 3: Your Community Engages

Your community and agency members engage by submitting photos, videos and other important information (including GPS data) of crime scenes, suspicious activity or emergency events. You automatically get the media use rights to all submitted content.

Step 4: Communicate

The CitizenGlobal platform also provides two-way communication tools, enabling you to contact:
(i) eyewitnesses and officers for any additional photos, videos or information of the scene; or
(ii) community members to alert them about emergency situations unfolding at the moment.

Review, Manage and Analyze Photos and Videos

Step 5: Automatic Storage and Transcoding

Our platform automatically creates copies of the submitted media so you can review, tag and organize it while securely storing the original file on the world’s most robust cloud-storage platform.

Step 6: Case Management

Case management of incidents captured on videos and photos is made easy with our cloud-based management tools, allowing for immediate distribution and collaborative analysis across multiple departments and agencies. Leave annotations on important eyewitness submissions and organize them into folders to be shared with other members of your team. Sharing very large video files is no longer an issue.

Step 7: Publish Photos and Videos

Have you identified a suspect and need to broadcast eyewitness photos/videos to the public? Easily share specific media with local news stations or publish to your agency's social media accounts to distribute online.