Eyewitness Apps for Your Citizens

The LEEDIR iPhone app, Android app and website are available to receive uploads from citizens.

Collaborative Analysis System for Your Agency

The collaborative and robust content management/analysis interfaces for participating agencies are also made available.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure and Data Processing

Expandable and geographically distributed cloud servers are launched in order to process virtually unlimited amounts of multimedia data.

Feature Details

LEEDIR is based on the cloud-based CitizenGlobal platform which enables agencies to efficiently collect, store, manage, analyze and share digital information captured by virtually any source at scale.

1. Powerful Eyewitness Applications

Immediately upon activation, the LEEDIR eyewitness applications are ready to receive submissions from the public, including agency personnel. These applications are FREE for the public to use. They include the capability to upload very large media files (up to 2 GB) from mobile devices through the use of “chunk upload” technology.

LEEDIR iPhone / iPad Application
LEEDIR Android Application
LEEDIR Website

Visit www.LEEDIR.com during an emergency event to submit photos and videos from your computer or mobile browser.

2. Extensive Digital Information Collection/Upload Tools

As eyewitnesses submit valuable information, the activating law enforcement or relief agencies can also collect information from many other sources with ease.

Social Media Analysis Tools

Search and collect social media from the scene.

Web Content Plugin

Easily copy multimedia files from the web.

Admin Upload Applications

Members can privately upload evidence from mobile, tablet and desktop.

Desktop Application

Members can import media from body/in-vehicle cameras.

API / Widgets / Data Feeds

Ingest media from any source with robust integration tools.

3. Scalable Server Infrastructure and Secure Storage

Expandable cloud-based server infrastructure can handle the most extreme data load requirements, enabling the processing of multimedia files at great scale. Servers are geographically distributed enabling very high reliability and content delivery speed.

Key Features:

  • Original files are backed up and can be downloaded at any time
  • SHA-256 and MD5 hash tracking on files
  • Virus scans on all data uploaded
  • File metadata extraction and searchability
  • Automatic transcoding of file copies for web/mobile analysis
  • Audit trails on all data

4. Robust Agency Collaborative Analysis and Management Tools

Cutting-edge analysis interfaces empower multiple analysts to review content simultaneously from multiple locations with all data updating in real-time between collaborators. Chat and private sharing features enable communication between analysts as well. All of this leads to a significantly more efficient and thorough analysis of large volumes of media.

Key Features:

  • Rapid, collaborative content analysis
  • GPS and IP address tracking
  • Mapping display and searching of all media
  • Review Queue technology for efficient content distribution between analysts (avoiding redundant media analysis by multiple analysts – a big problem during the Boston Marathon bombing investigations)
  • Robust and customizable filtering/sorting options
  • Annotations to video still frames (text, arrows, etc.)
  • Video playback speed controls
  • User permissions
  • Organizational folders
  • And much more...

5. Secure and Efficient Information Sharing Tools

Easily share valuable digital information/evidence with team members or even external organizations, such as collaborating agencies or the news media.

  • Provide Controlled Access to Collaborating Agencies and Team Members

    To assist you in the rapid analysis of submitted eyewitness information, provide access to specific team members or analysts at collaborating agencies. Is there a video forensics specialist on the other side of the country? Grant him/her access with a few clicks. This real-time collaborative, yet controlled, access can significantly speed up response and thus save lives.

  • Share Multimedia Via Temporary Secure Access URLs

    Share digital information via secure, temporary access URLs to specific email addresses (permissions and access time is configurable).

  • Download Original Media Individually or in Bulk

    One-click download the original media files that were uploaded or choose a custom format to transcode into before downloading. At anytime you can do a bulk download of all the data and files.

  • Post Content to Social Media to Notify the Public

    If you have a suspect identified you can post a photo/video of the suspect to your agency’s social media acounts to notify the public with just a few clicks.

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