Request Activation for the LEEDIR Service

In the event of a major terrorist attack, criminal event or natural disaster, the LEEDIR platform can be activated by a law enforcement or relief agency.

LEEDIR Prepared: Is your agency already registered for LEEDIR? If so, you can activate LEEDIR immediately from your LEEDIR account. Login to your account and click the top right navigation to activate LEEDIR with just a few clicks.

New Agency: If your agency needs to activate LEEDIR immediately, please fill out the request form on this page. Otherwise, you can register for a new LEEDIR account here.

Activation Requirements

The event must:

  • 1) involve multiple jurisdictions or disciplines
  • 2) have at least 5,000 people in attendance - or - cover at least 5 square miles

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Does your event not meet the minimum requirements for a LEEDIR event?

Find out how you can bring this crowdsourcing technology into your own community to empower your citizens in order to help improve public safety.

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