Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository

Requests for eyewitness photos & videos:

Status: no active requests from law enforcement or relief agencies

The Complete Eyewitness Solution

Eyewitness upload interfaces

LEEDIR provides an iPhone/iPad app, Android app and website for eyewitnesses to upload photos and videos (powered by CitizenGlobal). When your agency activates LEEDIR for a large emergency event, a specific request for photos and videos will be automatically added to all LEEDIR upload interfaces. Citizens will be able to capture a photo/video from their phone, select one from their gallery, upload from their computer, or select a photo/video from their Facebook or Google albums. Your agency can also configure the submission form to request specific information, like contact details of the eyewitness or more information about the photo/video. All fields can be made optional or mandatory.

Video/Photo analysis interfaces

All eyewitness submissions come into one central repository (powered by CitizenGlobal technology) where they can be collaboratively managed, organized and analyzed by one or multiple participating agencies. Copies of all photos/videos are automatically transcoded into a singular format so that they can be rapidly reviewed through a robust, yet easy to use, media management web interface. The originally submitted data (video/photo file and metadata) is stored safely for later use as evidence. All management and analysis is performed on the transcoded proxy copies. Management and analysis features include: automatic user reviewing/tracking of content for collaborative analysis, folder management, transcoding, downloading, user permissions, administrative commenting/notes, search, GPS/IP tracking, file metadata extraction and more.

Secure, scalable infrastructure

LEEDIR platform is powered by Amazon Web Services, which delivers on demand, cloud infrastructure to meet the significant processing and data requirements for a major emergency event. This enables your agency to receive massive amounts of videos, photos and other data at scale during even the most extreme of events.