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Latest News: LEEDIR Plan Announced - Press Overview - November 1st, 2013

“LEEDIR allows any law enforcement agency in the nation to have “on retainer,” a digital repository, an electronic bucket, that can be activated with a simple phone call and click of the button. Once the bucket is activated, the public can send in digital pictures and video from the scene, and it will expand and contract on the fly.”

Excerpt from press conference.

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CitizenGlobal is providing its state-of-the-art eyewitness platform, empowering agencies to collect, analyze and manage real-time eyewitnesses photos and videos, including GPS information.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing the IT Infrastructure that will enable this Digital Information Repository of critical eyewitness content related to large scale, major emergency events.

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The LEEDIR platform was conceptualized by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department when the value of eyewitness information was realized in helping solve crimes and informing disaster response. The LASD brought together industry leading eyewitness and infrastructure technology companies, CitizenGlobal and Amazon Web Services, to launch the LEEDIR platform. LEEDIR is now available to all law enforcement and relief agencies around the US.